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Is smog check required in Nevada?

Any used car dealer in Nevada who sells a vehicle that will be registered in Clark or Washoe counties must provide a valid passing emissions test. In private transactions, the buyer is responsible for the test.

What year cars need a smog check in Nevada (Nv)?

Passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, and recreational vehicles must undergo emissions testing if they are gas-powered, diesel-powered (up to 14,000 pounds), were manufactured in or after 1968, or are newer vehicles on their third registration; hybrids, however, are exempt for five years.

  • Vehicle owners residing in the urban areas of Clark or Washoe County
  • Gasoline vehicles no matter their weight or size
  • Diesel vehicles weighing less than 14,000 lbs
  • Vehicles  made in the 1968 model year or later
  • New vehicles that are on their third registration. Hybrids are exempt from testing for five years, and the first and second years are exempt from all other new vehicles

Smog Check Test Exemptions for Nevada Drivers:

  • New Hybrid-electric vehicle for the first five years.
  • Produced prior to 1967.
  • New vehicles on their first or second registration.
  • Vehicles registered as a Classic Rod, Classic Vehicle, or Old Timer and driven no more than 5,000 miles per year.
  • Diesel vehicles over 14,000 pounds.
  • Motorcycles or mopeds.
  • Vehicles in remote areas of Nevada, including some parts of Clark and Washoe counties.
  • Alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Registration and/or testing 90 days before a transfer of ownership.
  • Vehicles registered as a Replica Vehicle.

What year vehicle is exempt from smog in Nevada?

According to Nevada regulations for «classic» and similar vehicles, nearly any car older than 20 years can be registered with a classic license plate and thus avoid a smog test, which is otherwise required in Clark County.

What You Need to Know about the smog check test in Nevada?

Smog tests and emissions tests examine the quantities of dangerous substances produced and released by combustion engines. By reducing the amount of pollutants your car produces while driving, emissions testing assist to enhance the quality of the air. Such contaminants are detrimental to both people and animals as well as the environment.

In the state of Nevada, most original vehicle registrations as well as yearly renewals are subject to emission inspection requirements if the vehicle is situated inside the densely populated and urban counties of Clark and Washoe. Your mailed renewal will specify when it’s time to test your car if one is due.

Tips to pass the Nevada Smog Check Test

Owners of vehicles in Nevada might want to have their cars examined as soon as they get their first notice. Before your registration expires, give yourself extra time to make any necessary repairs. Planning ahead will also provide owners time to meet the deadline if they intend to be out of town when their registration expires. Following are some pointers to remember to pass a Nevada automobile emissions test:

  • Make sure the car’s «Check Engine» light is not on; if it is, it won’t pass the test. Make sure the gas cap is on tightly and is not broken before attempting a repair. To ensure a tight seal, keep the sealing surfaces on the cap clean. If it isn’t, tighten it and test the light by driving about.
  • Observe the prescribed maintenance schedule for your car. During a regular inspection, many mechanical problems that cause vehicles to fail their tests can be fixed.
  • Check to see whether your car has a catalytic converter and that it is functioning properly if it is a make and model from when they were made standard; It won’t pass the test if it doesn’t have one or if it isn’t functioning.
  • Before taking a test, let your car run for at least 10 minutes to obtain a precise reading.
  • Before having any repairs made, check the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and warranties provided by the manufacturer of your car. The manufacturer might pay for the expense of their repair.
  • Make sure to have your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) system repaired by a licensed emissions mechanic if fault codes are shown. Don’t only focus on erasing the codes. The testing team will be aware, and the car won’t pass inspection.
  • Before the test, make sure to have your car fixed if it misfires while it is idling.
  • Drive the car for a few days after installing a new battery before having an on-board diagnostics test performed to give the OBD system time to reset.
  • Verify that the oil in the car is not soiled. regularly have the oil changed
  • Maintain the tire pressure suggested for your vehicle.
  • Check the hoses and belts on your car for wear. Replace them if necessary
  • Get any mechanical problems with the transmission of your car addressed. Transmission issues may damage your car’s emissions and result in a test failure.
  • Check your manufacturer’s warranty if the emissions system in your car is malfunctioning mechanically. According to federal law, emissions systems on vehicles manufactured in 1995 and later model years must be warranted for two years or 24,000 miles.
  • Check the manufacturer’s warranty on your car as well if the OBDII diagnostic system or catalytic converter on a vehicle from the 1995 model year or later has a mechanical problem. According to federal law, the OBDII and catalytic converters on these vehicles must be covered by warranties for eight years or 80,000 miles.

Can I register my car without smog in Nevada?

Every year, Nevada requires smog checks. A renewal notice is not required to complete a test. Emissions tests are not required for new vehicles until the fourth registration.

Do I need a smog check to renew my registration in Nevada?

The DMV must be visited in person for early renewals. Smog testing is necessary for your car. Every year, Nevada mandates an emissions test. A lack of insurance has resulted in the suspension of your vehicle’s registration.

How much does a smog check cost in Nevada?

Depending on the county you reside in and the sort of smog check your car needs, it typically costs between $29.95 and $89.95. The $8.25 State Certificate Fee, which is charged only if your vehicle passes the test, may or may not be included in this pricing.Allways check the proce first because can change with the time.

How much will it cost to register my car in Nevada?

Registration Fee is $27.00 plus Governmental Services Tax and Supplemental Governmental Services Tax.

How long is smog good for in Nevada?

Emissions tests are still valid 90 days after they were finished. For the majority of registration renewals as well as for initial registration, vehicles in Nevada must pass a smog test.

Is there a grace period for expired registration in NV?

Nevada does not have a grace period on expired registrations.

How old does a car have to be to be a classic in Nevada?

According to the Classic Car Club of America, a car that is between 25 and 50 years old, is regarded «excellent» or «distinctive,» and falls within the criteria of a «classic vehicle.» The number of persons obtaining «classic car» license plates has increased since the Nevada legislature removed restrictions on them.

How long do I have to register my car in Nevada?

New residents must obtain their driver license and vehicle registration within 30 days. See our New Resident Guide. In most vehicle sales, the deadline to register the vehicle is 30 days from the date of the sale.

Is Nevada smog good in California?

An emissions test from Nevada can not be used for California vehicle registration. You’ll need to obtain a smog check in California.

Do I need a VIN inspection in Nevada?

VIN inspections are required in Nv for any vehicles or trailers which have never been registered or titled in the state of Nv.

Smog check test nevada nv

Allways check all this information because can change